Rotary Club of Watton & District
[ Diamond Jubilee Year ]

New member George A-W and long-serving member Martin P 'tout' straws on Watton's Festive Market (30 Nov). We made 255.

  1st November
Our Coffee Morning & Light Lunch
 at Queens Hall
[in association with the Craft Market]
raised 184

31st October

This biennial concert raised 1016 - a record!     

Next Gig - 27th March 2015

30th October

l-r: George Anderson-Williams, inducted into the club at this
 meeting, with President Francis and Michael Wassall
 (Leader, Breckland Council), our speaker this evening.

10th October: 60th Anniversary Charter Dinner,                                    9th October: Speaker Susan Seddon, Chair of
held in the Gallery Suite, Watton Sports Centre                                          Trustee, Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich
Rotary District 1080 Governor Nick Corke           The Original Charter                  With Peter Cowling and President Francis
and President Francis.          Click here for more info & The Watton Rotary Song                                        

      The ten 8-10 yrs old children from Chernobyl giving a farewell concert at          Front: Galena Russell (host), Olya Sapunova & Alena Shepelevich
                        Broom Hall Hotel on 1st October.                                                                  (interpreter & children's teacher from Belarus).
           Of the 5 planned, this is the children's 3rd annual of a month's                          Rear:  Pat Murphy (host & fundraiser), Ron Russell & Pam (hosts).
                    duration, organised by FOCC (Breckland).                                    IT COSTS 500 PER CHILD PER YEAR, HELP ALWAYS NEEDED

Sept 8th: Derek, Andrew and Martin toast the Charter           Sept 7th: Comedy Show raised 128          July & August R-Bay Market Stalls raised
                                 awarded this day 1954                           Sept 6th: Coffee at QH raised 67 nett.                                                        over 150.  

Yorkshiremen Schoolboy friends Rtn George Wilson and  14 August: "Mystery Tour"  1. Green Farm, Shelland, near   2. Mechanical Music Museum, Cotton,
Ray Sykes, who talked about cycling the "El Camino       Stowmarket. A garden open under the National Gardens      The Mighty Wurlitzer and a huge  Santiago", raising over 3,600 for EACH.                     Scheme.                                                                              collection of musical memorabilia..    
3. Early supper at The Kings Arms, Haughley. Excellent meal headed by President Francis Ulrych. Right: Rtn Brain Sager exchanges his Fleetwood banner.

27th June: The Presidents' Handover Meeting was held in the Queens Hall, Watton, with invited guests representing local businesses
and organisations. In all, 83 souls enjoyed a hog roast supper, a ceremony, highlights of our Rotary activities, and a song!

Roy Challand has relinquished the presidents' symbol of office to incoming President Francis Ulrych;
Diane Ulrych wears the president's lady's ribbon, and Paul Chubbock is the new Vice President  .
The assembled members give a spirited rendition of the Watton Rotary Song, written & directed by Peter & Lesley Cowling
see more click here

12th June:The annual Young Designer competition at the Wayland Academy, certificates & prizes presented by President Roy.
L to R:    Charlie Read with his winning "Horror in Gotham" board game, which was judged to be meticulous
 in concept, production and detail - far beyond the syllabus brief.
Runners Up: Sky Noble  and Catlin Shaw with their cleverly conceived and beautifully produced garments,
a Japanese and an African wedding dress respectively.
The winners with Teacher John Allott, President Roy and Coordinator David.

 CARNIVAL 8th June

The Stall        AquaBox Demo
 We raised 329.50 for Rotary supported charities, including Aquabox and End Polio Now

ANNUAL VOCATIONAL AWARDS 2014, presented by President Roy on 5th June
Individual Award Winner Silvia Slaughter    Group Award Winner Jane Lond-Caulk      Typical quilt they produce in support
 for her work masterminding the regeneration  leader of the Watton Hackers, Tackers &      of Project Linus for sick children.
 of Thomas Bullock Park in Shipdham.           Stuffers Group.       Over 100 quilts delivered to hospitals so far this year!

              1st May 2014: The annual Young Poet competition at the Wayland Academy; certificates & prizes presented by President Roy.
     Henry George - Winner                                       Ellie Rix - Runner Up                                            Jessie Mew - Runner Up

Our last 2 monthly Wednesday RBay Bric-a-Brac Market stalls (April & May) have raised a total of 68.

We are by the pedestrian crossing near the market place on the 4th Wednesday each month, March to October, weather permitting.

The annual Young Chef competition we hold at the Wayland Academy was again up to a very good standard. Presentations were made at our weekly meeting on 27th March. The winner was Brandon Whitehair, shown centre below here with runner-up Molly Brown to his left. Vice-President Francis Ulrych presented the prizes and certificates; teacher Mandy Beckwith and Rotarian co-ordinator David Branson are also in the picture. The second runner-up was Holly Earl, who was unable to attend the presentation.

Rotary Scholar Vinnie Gupta attended our meeting on 3rd April and gave an excellent presentation on his MA studies on International Relations at Cambridge University.

Coincidentally, the evening was our annual 'part-exchange' evening with our sister club in Brandon! Our President, Roy Challand, was presiding over the Brandon meeting with some of our members, and vice versa with the Brandon President at our's.

We held our un-Christmas Dinner at the Norwich Arts College "Debut" Restaurant on 19th March. Debut is run by the
 hospitality students of the college and, once again they
 achieved a very high standard.

The DixieMix concert at the Queens Hall on Friday 14th March was attended by over 100 jazz lovers and was a great success. We raised 595 for club charities, and 35 from the sale of "Stop Polio Now" crocus pins.
The sextet have been booked to back Rod Stewart on his UK mini-tour in June.

Our 1st Market Stall of 2014 on 19th March raised 58

On 23rd January Rotary Scholar Seol Song, from South Korea,       Watton Rotary is 60 this year, our oldest member, Peter Beech, celebrates his 90th
who is studying at the UEA, gave us a delightful and insightful             birthday on 1st February. President Roy presents Peter with a card signed by all    
talk about her country, language and experiences in her business          members at the weekly meeting 2 days prior. Mary, the Hare & Barrel 'Boss',
globalisation studies. Pictured here with Club President Roy.                 presents a cake and congratulates Peter (Treasurer Derek is looking on!

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