Rotary Club of Watton & District


 WATTON CHRISTMAS EVENT: Bottle & Christmas Gifts Straw Draw & 100 Squares 50/50 game raised 274          
Straw Draw Stall all set up and ready to go . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Straws on sale, Games in play!  

 RBay receipts for 2015, including larger items: 652

    President Paul lays the Rotary wreath at Watton's war memorial on Sunday 8th November. Rtn Martin Anscombe took the 'silent salute' picture for the press.
              Ex Para (etc!) Rtn Pat Murphy was the Parade Commander for both the Sunday and the Chaston Place [11-11-11]  memorial services.
Dr Mike Harvey takes this picture of members present after our 22nd October meeting, Why?            3rd Oct: 61st Anniversary Charter Dinner: President Paul
It was a fundraiser for the National Osteoporosis Society. Orange laces denoted a donation but          with guests 1080 District Governor Dorothy Pulford-Harris
they are rather large so we wore them in many different ways! [Donate - text LACE 2 to 70070]             and Watton Inner Wheel President Pauline Baldry.

2nd October Concert raised     Rotary stand at the St Mary's Church 'Forces Day' on    President Paul presents Jessica Hiscocks with a cheque for

                    752                                Saturday 22nd August; 628 was raised.                 200 for Alzheimer's Research at our meeting of 6th August.

                                Club Meeting - Hare & Barrel Hotel - Thursday 25th June.
              Presidential Handover followed Young Designer Awards
  Incoming President Paul Chubbock presents         Young Designer winner Wayland Academy    L to R: President Francis; runner-up Benjamin Thomas-Lewin,
  Francis with a recognition certificate for his            student Harley Evans receives certificate        Sarah Pitt (WA's new head of Design Technology & Art), and
  year's service as Club President.                            & cash prize for his superb 'toy' house.          David Branson (incoming Club Vice-President). 

CARNIVAL 14th JUNE: 304 realised - many thanks to organisers and supporters.

Individual: Marlene Secker                                 Group: Wayland Show Committee
The Shipdham Village Community Angel      Chairman: Ian Whittingsteel receiving o.b.o

at SANDRINGHAM - 8th June

Thanks to Watton Tesco & their customers, our foyer collection on Wednesday 29th April raised 1022.24. The Market Day Street Collection the following Wednesday added 644.50. With further donations direct to the club, we have raised 2830.
 Of this total, 1180 was specified for & has been remitted to ShelterBox (some gift-aided),
 and 1650 has been sent direct to the Natasme Community Foundation in Nepal for purchasing emergency relief materials for villagers in remote areas devastated by the earthquakes.
 Direct aid with 100% of donations in use - no expenses deducted!

Market Stall & RBay sales on 22nd April raised 54

Visiting Rotarian Bill Robson, Past President of the Bishop Auckland Rotary Club, exchanges banners at a breakfast meeting on 26th February.


The DixieMix concert at the Queens Hall on 27th March raised a total of 804 for our Charities account.
                                         Next gig - 2nd October

Vanuatu Disaster:
1000s of ShelterBoxes supplied and needed. We have sent 1180, the cost of 2 of them, to  Shelterbox. Thanks to St Mary's Church for the collecting and making a substantial contribution towards the total.

Our Coffee & Soup @ Queens Hall on
4th April made 131

Market Stall - 18th March realised 47

   The Polio Eradication Campaign crocusses were a little late this year; fully bloomed in the 2nd week of March.

                                                         ROTARY AWARENESS DAY 25 February - Chaston Place, Watton
        Gary, Martin and Projects Leader Dr Mike on duty                              President Francis discussing ShelterBox

           Wayland Academy Young Poet and Young Chef Competitions                             HENRY PRINCE - Red Arrows Founder Member
Presentation Evening 5th February - the winners and runners-up show off their certificates.                       Reminisces at a meeting - 22nd January
   Our African adoptee     President Francis welcomes new member     President Francis with UEA student Rotaractor Abdul-Razak
       David Mbola           Ivan Slaughter, inducted January (15/01/15)    
Yakubu from Ghana, and his Counsellor Rtn Mark Templeman

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