Watton & District

Rotary Club

Umbrella Festival 2018

Report & Photo Album

Watton and District Rotary Club held an Umbrella Festival to raise money for Prostate Cancer and Rotary Charities. It took place on 15th & 16th September when 31 decorated brollies were displayed and judged in the Watton Christian Community Centre on the Saturday followed by declaration of the winners at a Cheese & Wine Party in the evening. On Sunday all the brollies were paraded during Carnival. 


Large white umbrellas were sold to the organisations and individuals to decorate in any way desired. Over 100 were sold and some 40 'entry forms' were returned. On the day, 31 entrants presented their brollies for judging and parading (others, decorated but not presented, were seen in shops and elsewhere around town).


We thought the standard of decoration was really very good indeed, some were stunning, and we have been heartened by all the supportive comments we have heard. From "What a lovely idea" to "Hope you will do it again next year". We will be evaluating the whole exercise and know we've learnt many lessons.


Yes, it was a 'fundraiser' and we will announce the amount raised for charity here and in the November issue of the Wayland News (copy date for October already past). The photographs shown here will be augmented by more as they become available from various sources, and the webmasters' patience! Meanwhile, here is the webmaster with his contribution:                                 And some more - Brollies on parade:



BID as at 15th OCTOBER



 BID as at 15th OCTOBER


Pam Lucas with her decorated umbrella on Carnival Day.

It was auctioned at the Rotary Jazz Evening (5th October) where it realised 25.00.

The buyer gave it back for further fundraising and it is now re-offered to the highest bid

received before the 25th November (Town Christmas Fayre).

Bid via email: wattonrotary@aol.com - whole s please and don't forget your contact details.

Alternatively, post or deliver your bid in a sealed envelope to:

Brolly Bid, 2 Harvey Street, Watton, IP25 6EP.

The bidding status will be shown here and updated regularly, repeat bid submissions accepted

The winning bid will be declared at 6pm on 24th November